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For solo instrument:

"Réminiscences" for viola (2023) - 3'

Premiered in Jan. 2024 by Karine Lethiec in Paris, Musée de l'Homme, France.
Editions Artchipel.

"Vers les étoiles" for piano (2021) - 9'30

Premiered in July 2021 by François Dumont in Montpellier, Festival de RadioFrance Occitanie, France.

"Petite suite" for piano (2018) - 7'

Premiered in Oct. 2018 by Nathalie Negro in Berlin, Germany.

"Un parapluie et un manteau de paille", for piano (2014) - 1'30

Premiered in Feb. 2015 by Fabio Schinazi, in Evere, Belgium.

"Maye", for vibraphone and gong (2014) - 8'30

Premiered in Apr. 2014 by Laurent Mariusse, Turbulences Sonores Festival in Montpellier.
Editions BabelScores.

"Voyelles", version for alt-saxophone or alt-saxophone and narrator (2014) - 5'30

On a poem by Arthur Rimbaud.
Premiered in Sept. 2015 by Serge Bertocchi, Fesitval Son MiRé, Fabrezan, France.
Editions Alphonse Leduc / Notissimo.

"Variations sur quatre haikus" for cello (2009) - 8'

Premiered in Jan. 2010 by Florian Lauridon, Itineraire concerts, Paris, France.
Editions Delatour.

"Tarentella" for piano (2003) - 2 versions: 8' or 4'30

Premiered in Oct. 2003 by Gabriella Smart, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia.
Editions BabelScores.

"Trois préludes" for piano (1999) - 6'20

Premiered in Oct. 2000 by Stephen Whittington in Adelaide, Australia.

"Voyelles" for flute (1993) - 2 versions: 5'30 or 4'20

On a poem by Arthur Rimbaud.
Premiered in Oct. 1993 by Chiharu Tachibana in Paris, France.
Editions Alphonse Leduc / Notissimo.