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With orchestra:

"L'espace et la flute - Variations sur des textes de Jean Tardieu" for narrator and flute orchestra (2010) - 10'

Premiered in March 2010 by Alain Carre (narrator) and the Orchestre de Flutes Francais, conductor Paul Mefano, in RadioFrance, Paris.

"Het Lam Gods II" for solo flute and flute orchestra (in progress). - 16'

Premiered in Jan. 2008 by Pierre-Yves Artaud and the Orchestre de Flutes Francais, conductor Carmen Carnuci, in Paris, France.

"Mouvement" for string orchestra (2006). - 5'

Premiered in Nov 2006 by the Camerata de France, conductor Daniel Tosi, in Ferrals, France.

"2 mouvements" for tenor saxophone and orchestra (2006). - 9'

Premiered in Sept. 2006 by Daniel Kientzy (saxophone) and "Mihail Jora" Philarmonic Orchestra, conductor Ovidiu Balan, Bacau Contemporary Music Festival, Roumania.

"Concerto n░ 1" for piano and string orchestra (2002). - 12'

Inspired by Erik Satie's "Vexations"
Premiered in Mar. 2008 by Daniel Isoir (piano) and the Nouvel orchestre de Chambre de Rouen, conductor Joachim Leroux, in Rouen (France).

"And then there was the sun in the sky" for flute, didgeridoo and flute orchestra (2000). - 10'30

On an Aboriginal tale.
Premiered in Apr. 2002 by Pierre-Yves Artaud, Phillip Peris and the Orchestre de Flutes Francais (conductor Pierre-Alain Biget) in Paris, France.
Editions Alphonse Leduc.

"Trois mouvements concertants" for orchestra (1994). - 10'

Premiered in Nov. 2000 by the Orchestre de Perpignan-Languedoc-Roussillon and the Camerata de France, conductor Daniel Tosi, Aujourd'hui Musiques Festival in Perpignan, France.