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With choir or vocal ensemble:

"O Sapientia" for five female voices (2013). - 11'

On texts by Hildegard von Bingen.
Premiere planned in 2014 by Mora Vocis ensemble.

"Il pleut des voix de femmes..." for women choir and piano (2011). - 10'

On a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.
Premiered in Jan. 2012 by Appoggiature choir and Dimitri Gelas (piano), conductor Eliette Roche, at la Garde Adhemar, France.

"Marco Polo", opera for choir and ensemble (2011). - 50'

Choreography: Sabine Novel
Libretto: Alain Carre
Directing actors: Lise Ardaillon
Choir conductor: Nataliya Desandre
Premiered in May 2011 by students and teachers of the Centre de Pratique Musicale in Annecy, France. Conductor Marie-Laure Bonnet des Claustres.

"Calligrammes", for solo baritone, choir and saxophone quartet (2010). - 12'

Premiered in March 2011 by Jean-François Rouchon (baritone), two choirs and one saxophone quartet of Cergy-Pontoise CRR, conductor Caroline Gaulon - 10e Rencontres Internationales de Composition Musicale de Cergy Pontoise, in Pontoise, France.

"Le voyage de Marco Polo" for soprano, violin and children choir (2010). - 35'

Production and libretto: Alain Carre.
Premiere planned in June 2010 by Mireille Berrod (voice), Christian Zagaria (violin) and children of les Allobroges secondary school in la Roche sur Foron, France.

"Les planetes" for flute, violin, viola, cello, children choir and small percussions (2009). - 15'

Premiered in May 2009 by musicians of the Orchestre National de Lyon (France Verrot, flute; Sandrine Haffner, violin; Catherine Bernold, viola; Stephen Eliason, cello), and children of Jean Racine primary school in Lyon, France.

"Le petit roi Jeannot" for soprano voice, flute, string trio and children choir (2008). - 20'

Premiered in June 2008 by Marie-Cecile Calmelet (voice), Flornece Semichon (flute), Arnaud Lehmann (violon), Sabine Brun (alto), Jérémie Maillard (violoncelle), and the children of Jean-Jaures and Guy Moquet primary schools in le Blanc Mesnil, France. Production: Aurelie Reybier.

"Musique de la mer" for clarinet, bassoon, string quartet, children choir and percussions ensemble (2006). - 18'

On poems by Victor Hugo and Jean-Pierre Rosnay.
Premiered in June 2007 by Micael Lubin (clarinet), Regis Roy (bassoon), Benaim String Quartet, and the children of Saint Merry primary school in Fontainebleau, Rencontres Musicales ProQuartet de Fontainebleau, France.

"Les quatre elements" concerto for flute(s), children choir and percussion ensemble (2005). - 15'

Premiered in Apr. 2006 by Pierre-Yves Artaud (flutes) and children of primary schools of Vic-en-Bigorre and Sarrouilles (Hautes Pyrenees) in Ibos, France.
Editions Svitzer.

"Oceans" for children - voices and percussion instruments -, flute, bassoon, violin, viola and double-bass (2005). - 15'

Premiered in May 2005 by 50 children of Fulchiron Primary School and musicians of the orchestra National de Lyon (France Verrot, flute ; François Apap, bassoon ; Claudie Boisselier, violin ; Vincint Hugon, voila and Daniel Billon, double-bass) in Lyon, France.

"Messe de Nostre Dame" for eight female voices and percussion instruments (2003). - 14'

Premiered in Nov. 2003 by " Aujourd'hui Musiques " vocal and instrumental ensemble, conductor Daniel Tosi, Aujourd'hui Musiques Festival in Perpignan.

"Fauvette" for women's choir (2003). - 3'

On a poem by Jean-Pierre Rosnay.
Premiere planned in 2010 by the Choeur Calliope, conductor Regine Theodoresco.

"Ave Maris Stella" for choir (2002). - 3'

Prize-winner at the International Competition organized for the Celebrations of Santa Brigida in Roma, Italy.

"Messe de Nostre Dame" for eight voices (2001). - 14'

"Le Becut" for children - voices and percussion instruments -, wind instrument and didgeridoo (1998-1999). - 18'

On a Pyrenean tale.
Premiered in June 1999 by the children of Lapacca and Parc Suzanne Primary Schools (Lourdes and Argeles-Gazost) , Phillip Peris (didgeridoo) and Mie Ogura (flute), in Lourdes, France.