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Chamber music:

"Souffles" for four flautists (2 zamponias, 2 bajones, 3 Boehm flutes) (2010). - 5'

Premiere planned in Oct. 2010 by the ensemble Antara, Festival de Musica Contemporanea de Valparaiso, Chile.

"Het Lam Gods III" for flute quartet and narrator (2009). - 12'

On a text by Alain Carre and the painting by Jan and Hubert van Eyck.
Premiere planned by Hinemoa flute quartet in Belgium.

"Quatre haikus" for alt-saxophone and piano (2008). - 10'

Premiered in Dec. 2008 by Jean-Yves Fourmeau (alt-saxophone) and Marylise Fourmeau (piano), Journees XX-XXI du CPMA, Annecy, France.
Editions Billaudot.

"The great flood" for alt-saxophone and saxophone ensemble (2006). - 10'30

Premiered in Mar. 2007 by Jean-Yves Fourmeau (alt-saxophone) and the saxophone ensemble of Cergy-Pontoise' CRR, conductor Andree-Claude Brayer, Rencontres Internationales de Composition Musicale de Cergy-Pontoise, France.

"L'Agneau Mystique" for flute and string trio (2006). - 10'30

Premiered in May 2007 by the Ensemble Helios in Paris.

"Het Lam Gods" for string quartet (2005). - 10'30

Premiered in June 2007 by Benaim String Quartet, Rencontres Musicales ProQuartet de Fontainebleau, France.

"Py" for flute and piano (2005). - 6'

Premiere planned in 2009 by Pierre-Yves Artaud and Fuminori Tanada.

"Cinq Voyelles pour Quatre Flutes" for four flutes (2005). - 2 versions: 5'30 or 4'20

On a poem by Arthur Rimbaud.
Premiere in Feb. 2006 by the ensemble Arcadie in Paris.

"Histoire sans paroles" for violin, cello and piano (2002). - 8'20

Premiered in Sept. 2002 by the trio Settembrini in Adelaide, Australia.

"Iotife" for string trio (2001). - 10'

Premiered in May 2007 by the Trio a Cordes de Paris in Paris.

"Broken words" for flute and string trio (2000). - 10'

On a poem by Henry Kendall.
Premiered in Oct. 2000 by the ensemble Helios in Massy, France.

"Comme une rue pavee" transcription for flute and piano (1999). - 6'45

Premiered in Sept. 1999 by Mie Ogura and David Chevalier in Melbourne, Australia.

"Comme une rue pavee" for violin, clarinet and piano (1999). - 6'45

Premiered in Nov. 1999 by the Canberra New Music ensemble in Canberra, Australia.

"La Vita e Bella ?" for flute and cello (1997). - 6'05

Premiered in May 1998 by ProContemporania Ensemble (Ian-Bogdan Stefanescu and Andrei Kivu), International Week of New Music in Bucarest, Romania.