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CD "Souffles" (published in Dec.2012, Editions de l'Astronome, France)

Quatre haikus : '... a very fine sensitivity is shown in these four short pieces... Sophie Lacaze excels, who likes working with small shapes...'

Het Lam Gods III :
'... Sacred emanations seem to move along the maze of sounds and words, these "breathes" that qui go through Sophie Lacaze's music, uncluttered music playing with words and silence.'

Michèle Tosi, ResMusica, Jan. 2013

(read the article - in French)

'« Souffles », it is an intense CD. A different CD. A CD that, like a breath of air, blows your mind. A CD that lets you without voice....

It is beautiful, vibrant, magic...'

Marie Lesobre, Evemagazine, Jan. 2013

(read the article - in French)

'... a novelty: the audio CD "Souffles" ("breathes"), newly published by the Editions de l'Astronome... Breathtaking.''

ClairIsabelle Vauconsant, la gazette de Nîmes, Jan. 2013

(read the article - in French)

Sophie Lacaze's music for flutes - Traversière Magazine n°104

'... In about 15 years, flute repertory has considerably grown thanks to her by solos, duos, music chamber works, pieces for flute orchestra. Flute is the favorite means of expression of this exceptionally gifted artist...'

Pierre-Yves Artaud,Traversières Magazine (n°104), Oct. 2012

(read the article - in French)

'... A music of wide spaces, of abolished time...
We dived in its stretched sounds, deep meditation.
There was the magic Lacaze...'

Christel Rayneau, Traversières Magazine (n°104), Oct. 2012

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Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs

'L'Espace et la Flute

Flute is certainly the favourite instrument of the composer, who widenned its repertoire with at least 10 works. Her new work for the Grand Prix, L'Espace et la Flute, is a theme and variations composed on the surrealist poem by Jean Tardieu (1903 - 1995) written from Picasso's drawings, that was said by the excellent actor Alain Carre. A music with play character that mixes figurative aspects and beautiful sound colours.'

E. Fottorino, La Lettre du Musicien, Apr. 2010
CD "Plurielles" (ensemble Helios, published in 2004, Editions Maguelone, France)

'The youngest composer of this CD, Sophie Lacaze, born in 1963, shows a sure talent with Broken Words .'

F. Mallet, Classica-Répertoire,
June 2004

'Voyelles, by Sophie Lacaze, is a clever work'

J. Amblard, le Monde de la Musique, June 2004


'Contemporary music could not lose in this concert with multiple resonances; pleasure of discovery came from the young composer Sophie Lacaze, whose Voices of Australia for solo flute and recorded voices, mix rhythms and weird, mysterious sounds of birds songs with human voices… this symbiosis of living voices, made as an electronic mastering, had the savour of countless life calls'.

Hilda Van Hell, Luxembourg press, August 2006

'This musical dream is a subtle approach of the beginning of the world.' (about Dreaming).

le Progrès, August 2004

'A work by Sophie Lacaze, "Broken Words",especially written for the Helios ensemble: a magic moment.'

la Montagne, August 2002

'Mysterious quartet "Broken Words" by Sophie Lacaze, with inventive rhythms and new sounds, inspired by the silence and the violences of Australian landscapes. Subtle.'

C. Géliot, September 2001

'Another intriguing trio was "Comme une rue pavee" for violin, clarinet and piano by French composer Sophie Lacaze, an atmospheric piece in which the musical interest is nicely spread between the three instruments.'

W.L. Hoffmann, The Canberra Times,
December 1, 1999

' "La Vita è Bella ?" revealed music of fluent charm and the kind of originality that can sometimes accompany modesty.'

R. Chapman-Smith, The Advertiser, October 12, 1999

'Great performance of trois melodies for voice and string trio by Lacaze. The audience was amazed.'

L. Camensuli, la Dépêche du Midi, February 1993