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"Voices of Australia"

"Voices of Australia" for solo flute and recorded voices was composed in 2002 during a residence at the EMU (Electronic Music Unit), University of Adelaide (Australia. The work is dedicated to Ivan Bellocq, who premiered it in Septembre 2002 in Saint Cloud (France) for the Biennale des Arts.

"Voices of Australia" consists of a part with voices which have been recorded during the New Year Eve in the bush in South Australia, and a part for flute solo which imitates the songs of six Australian birds : Brolga, Crested Bellbird, Southern Boobook, Chiming Wedgebill, Fan-tailed Cuckoo et Whip Bird. At the beginning of the work, human beings and birds succeed in talking to each other, but voices take more and more space in the sound set-up and will progressively make the flute disappear.

Southern Boobook Southern Boobook.
By John Gould (1804-81),
from"The birds of Australia" 1840-48.
Audio sample: beginning of the work. Performed by Ivan Bellocq. 2'47".