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For voice and instruments:

"Dreaming" chamber opera for two female voices, narrator, didgeridoo, flutes, percussion instruments and viola (2004). - 60'

Premiered in August 2004 by Veronique Bauer, Kiyoko Okada (voices), Phillip Peris (didgeridoo), Sylvie Pascal (flutes), Alain Martinez (viola), Ludovic Montet (percussion instuments) and Sophie Lacaze (narrator), Festival "Rencontres Contemporaines de Saint Privat d'Allier", France.

"L'art est le plus beau des mensonges..." version for soprano voice and vibraphone (2009) - 5'
On a text by Alain Carre.
Premiere planned in May 2010 by Kiyoko Okada (voice) and Philippe Spiesser (vibraphone), Festival le Son MiRe in Fabrezan, France.

"Kulungalinpa" for mezzo-soprano voice, trombone and string quartet (1998). - 12'50

Premiered in Apr. 1999 by Marie Kobayashi (voice), François Lemonnier (trombone), Lucie Bessière, Marie-Agnès Letellier (violins), Arnaud Limonaire (viola), Paul Broutin (cello) and Didier Latroupe (conductor), in Saint Cloud, France.

"Jetez-vous sur l'avenir" for female voice, flute and piano (1996). - 8'20

On a poem by Jean- Pierre Rosnay.
Premiered in Nov. 1996 by Marie Kobayashi (voice), Mie Ogura (flute) and Fuminori Tanada (piano) in Toulouse, France.

"En Quete" for narrator, mezzo-soprano voice, violin and piano (1996). - 10'30

On photographs by Guy Bompais and poems by Jean-Pierre Rosnay.
Recording for exhibitions in Paris ("Mois Off de la Photographie" Festival) in Nov. 1996, Iasi (Romania, French Cultural Center) in June 1997, Adelaide (Australia, Adelaide Fringe Festival) in Feb. 1998.
Premiered in concert in Apr. 1999 by Marie Kobayashi (voice), Marcelle Rosnay (narrator), Lucie Bessiere (violin), Fuminori Tanada (piano) and Didier Latroupe (conductor) in Saint Cloud, France.

"Trois melodies" for female voice and string trio (1991). - 9'

On poems by Jules Supervielle.
Premiered in Oct. 1992 by the ensemble Triton II in Toulouse, France.