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"Voyelles" ("Vowels") for flute solo was written in 1993 and is inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's poem.

Each vowel suggests a particular colour, a part of life remaining a variant to it.

There are two versions of "Voyelles": in the first one, the flautist says the vowels before playing the corresponding music part. In the second one, the musician becomes an actor, tells the poem, and illustrates vowels, colours and text by the music.

"Voyelles" is dedicated to Chiharu Tachibana who premiered it in Paris in 1993.

Editions Alphonse Leduc

Audio samples:
1st version : by Chiharu Tachibana, middle of the work . 1'43
2d version : by Christel Rayneau, beginning of the work . 1'47