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Pedagogical works:

"De la Terre à Himalia" for young string orchestra (2024) - 6'30

Commissioned by the Quatuor Adastra.
Level: 3 or 4 years of instruments.
Premiere planned in June 2024 by the pupils of Strasbourg network of schools of music, in Strasbourg.

"Suite en trios" for 12 musicians (2024) - 8'30

Commissioned by the CRR de Versailles.
Level: advanced students.
Premiered in May 2024 by the students of the 'Espace 21 of the CRR de Versailles, conductor Jean-Marc Fessard.

"La lune dans l'eau" version for young storytelling flautist (2016) - 1'30

Level: 3 or 4 years of flute.
Premiered in Oct. 2016 by Daphne Chazeaux (Jeanne-Marie Savourat's student at CRD in Levallois Perret), International Flute Convention, Levallois-Perret, France.
Editions Alphonse Leduc.

"La lune dans l'eau" for young storytelling saxophonist (alto saxophone) (2015). - 1'30

Level: 2 or 3 years of saxophone.
Premiered in Juil. 2015 by Lucien Boucart (Fabien Chouraki's student in CRR de Bordeaux), SaxOpen Festival and Congress, Strasbourg.
Editions Alphonse Leduc, OpenSax book in Vents de Sax.

"Sons-Jeux" for clarinet and piano (2003). - 3'20

Level: 4 or 5 years of clarinet.
Premiered in June 2003 by the students of Chateaudun School of Music, France.
Editions Alphonse Leduc.

"Pour six flûtes" for 6 flutes (2002). - 5'

Premiered in April 2012 by students of the CRR in Versailles (Christel Rayneau's students), France.

"Une histoire de Kappa" for children - voices and percussion instruments - (1996-1997). - 14'

On a Japanese tale.
Premiered in June 1997 by the children of Vic in Bigorre, Camales and Tostat Primary School in Camales, Quinzaine des Arts de l'Academie de Toulouse, France.

"Le mariage de Roland" for soprano voice, cello, piano and children audience (1994). - 5'

On a text by Victor Hugo.
Premiered in Feb. 1994 by the ensemble Triton II and children of primary schools in the Hautes Pyrenees, le Parvis in Ibos, France.