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With orchestra:

"Soupirs d'étoiles" (Sighs of stars) for orchestra (2022). - 20'

Audio sample: 2e movement - Io. By the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conductor Sakari Oramo. World premiere, 5/10/2022, Barbican Centre, Londres, UK. 4'30.
Broadcast on 5/10/2022 on BBC3.

"Y aparece el sol" for didgeridoo, flute and string orchestra (2017). - 11'

Video: by Sylvestre Soleil (didgeridoo), Fabrice Junger (flute) and the Orchestre national d'Auvergne, conductor Baldur Brönnimann.

"Ukiyo-e" concerto for Martenot waves and flute ensemble (2012). - 10'

Audio sample: "Vue du lac Kawagushi" (on a print by Utagawa Hiroshige I). By Nadia Ratsimandresy (Martenot waves) and French Flute Orchestra, conductor Joel Soichez. 2'45.

"Après avoir contemple la lune..." for orchestra (2011). - 10'

Audio sample 1: beginning of the 4th movement, "le domaine d'Arnheim". 1'35
Audio sample 2: beginning of the 5th movement, "la nuit étoilée". 1'25
By the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, conductor Pierre-André Valade.

"L'espace et la flute - Variations sur des textes de Jean Tardieu" for narrator and flute orchestra (2010). - 10'

Audio sample: middle of the work. By Alain Carre and the French Flute Orchestra, conductor Paul Mefano. 2'.

"Het Lam Gods II" for flute and flute orchestra . - 15'

Audio sample: beginning of the work. By Pierre-Yves Artaud and the Orchestre de Flutes Francais, conductor Pierre-Alain Biget. 1'25.

"2 mouvements" for tenor saxophone and orchestra (2006). - 9'

Audio sample: beginning of the 1st movement. By Daniel Kientzy and Romanian Radio Orchestra, conductor Horia Andreescu. 3'30.

"Concerto n░ 1" for piano and string orchestra (2002). - 12'


"And then there was the sun in the sky" for flute, didgeridoo and flute orchestra (2000). - 10'30

Audio sample: end of the work. By Pierre-Yves Artaud (flutes), Phillip Peris (didgeridoo), and the Orchestre de Flutes Français, conductor Pierre-Alain Biget. 2'10