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"En Quête"

First part of the collaborative venture with the photographer Guy Bompais, En Quête was written in 1996 for narrator, mezzo-soprano, violin and piano. In 2011, the composer wrote a new version for narrator, mezzo-soprano, alt-saxophone and piano.

This work hovers somewhere between police enquiry and philosophical quest. We follow a lone man who is wandering in strangely lit streets, without apparent purpose, without clearly defined acts. His thoughts are forcefully expressed by Jean-Pierre Rosnay's poems excerpted from his "Fragments et reliefs".

En Quête
© Guy Bompais

The exhibition was shown in Paris, France (Mois Off de la Photographie -1996), Iasi, Romania (Centre Culturel Français - 1997) and Adelaide, Australia (Adelaide Fringe Festival - 1998).

Audio Sample 1
: 1st version - middle of the work, by Marcelle Rosnay (narrator), Marie Kobayashi (mezzo soprano), Lucie Bessière (violin), Fuminori Tanada (piano), Didier Latroupe (conductor). CD "En Quête", Galun Records.

Audio Sample 2
: 2d version - end of the work, by Alain Carre (narrator), Amaya Dominguez (mezzo soprano), Jean-Yves Fourmeau (alt-saxophone), Martin Surot (piano).