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Pedagogical works

With choir or vocal ensemble:

"O Sapientia" version for 4 female voices (2013). - 12'
video : by Mora Vocis ensemble.

"Calligrammes" for solo baritone, choir and saxophone quartet (2010). - 12'
audio sample: by Jean-François Rouchon (baritone), saxophone quartet and a choir of Cergy Pontoise' Conservatorium, conductor Caroline Gaulon.

"Les quatre elements" concerto for flute, children choir and percussions (2005). - 15'
4th movement: air.
By Pierre-Yves Artaud (flutes) and children of Sarrouilles and Vic en Bigorre primary schools. 3'50

"Oceans" for flute, bassoon, violin, viola, double-bass and children - choir and percussions (2005). - 15'
1st audio sample: departure and gulf of Gascogne. 2'
2d audio sample: Cap Leuwin. 2'24
By France Verrot (flute), François Apap (bassoon), Claudie Boisselier (violin), Vincent Hugon (viola), Daniel Billon (double-bass) and children of Fulchiron primary school in Lyon.

"Le Becut" for children of primary schools - voices and percussions -, wind instrument and didgeridoo (1998-1999). - 18'

The magic Forest: middle of the work. 1'12
By children of Lappacca in Lourdes and Parc-Suzanne in Argelès-Gazost primary schools, Mie Ogura (flute) and Phillip Peris (didgeridoo).